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BustinShots.com is simply my outlet to test/showcase my web-development and multi-media skills. I'm mostly self-taught but I have gained some experience through various jobs and internships and by taking classes at my university. The concept of 'Bustin Shots' stems from Jim Collins book From Good to GreatIn it he talks about how businesses and corporations taking a bunch of small shots at different opportunities until something hits its marks and then invests more into what works. He calls it "Bullets before Cannonballs". I like to write, take photos and run my mouth so I figured why not build a website dedicated to what I like to do. I take photos as a hobby/hustle, am engaged in a few other business endeavors (like Ghetto Scholars and Reflex Fight Gear )while finishing up my undergrad in English and entrepreneurship at Drake University. I write as a form of therapy and a journal. Hopefully if you follow me and the web-site you'll see progress. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email.

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